Throwing planning out of the window

I’m passionate about strategic planning.  I’ve been a practitioner for a few years now and like any other curious planner out there I have devoured all the books, blogs, presentations, case studies about planning in all its flavours.

After spending a fair amount of time and effort chasing what’s supposed to be ‘the latest in planning’ at any particular time, more often than not I end up being disappointed by what I find. Most of the time what’s presented as ‘new thinking’ is no more than the clever re-packaging of the fundamentals that have been around for decades.  Whenever this happens my cynic self kicks in, suggesting that planning is running thin on original thinking.

Nevertheless my desire to be a better planner is intact.  Although I still find myself searching for whatever is trending in the creative communications industry around the world, I realise the need to explore beyond what others within this circle define as planning.  Armed with the basic notion that strategic planning is about problem-solving, I’ve started digging into other disciplines (e.g. film, new product development, game design) with the hope of finding a new perspective.

The purpose of this blog is then to share the most interesting and useful bits I find along the way.  Comments are welcome, contributions encouraged.